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Your investment policy statement will be clearly defined

Today’s challenging investment environment places greater pressure on fiduciaries overseeing the investment assets of endowments and foundations. More fiduciaries are taking a broader view on asset allocation and investment strategy. Central to meeting the fiduciary’s responsibilities regarding its investment philosophy and decision-making processes is developing a clearly defined investment policy statement (IPS) that defines duties, responsibilities, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Our Employee Benefit services include:

  • Purpose and scope—Set overall guidelines, general objectives, and fiduciary duties
  • Definition of duties—Define responsibilities of the board, investment committee, custodian, and outside investment advisor (who is a co-fiduciary)
  • Objectives—Clearly articulate investment objectives, goals, market expectations, return targets, and risk tolerance
  • Strategic asset allocation—Develop an appropriate asset allocation, including major asset classes, based on objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance
  • Rebalancing—Rebalance periodically to keep allocations from drifting too far from targets
  • Liquidity—Determine cash levels to meet liquidity requirements
  • Spending policy—Develop clearly defined spending policies
  • Responsible investing—Consider investing in ESG funds
  • Monitoring and review—Create a process to make sure the objectives of the nonprofit will be achieved

The IPS is crucial in laying the foundation of the overall governance structure by defining fiduciary duties and responsibilities. 


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