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Women and Wealth – Financial Wellness

Saturday, August 20th 10:00am PST | In Person

CPWM will be hosting guided yoga and meditation on our rooftop, followed by a values exercise integrating financial wellness with wellbeing. More details to come.

As your financial wellness increases, so should your quality of life. Wellbeing is more than just mental and physical health – it involves understanding our values and how those drive our behavior. In the values discovery exercise, you will have the opportunity to explore this as a group and individually in relation to your financial wellness and security.

Limited registration available. Please reach out to Stacy Schwaegler ( or your CPWM contact with questions.

Yoga and meditation will be led by Jaime Scates Schmitz, who has been described as “a founder, a leader, an innovator and an early adopter” in the Seattle Yoga Community. Jaime is committed to unearthing expressions of internal and external freedom for herself and finds that sharing this type of work brings the greatest pleasure. Her primary goal as a teacher is to provide her students with glimpses of and forays into expressions of freedom. Currently, her personal practices are more focused in the realm of spirit, Shamanism, and meditation.

Jaime has owned and operated successful commercial Seattle based studios, sold-out retreats locally and abroad, presented at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival, been invited to teach on international trips with Escape to Shape, and run two successful 200 Hour RYT Teacher Trainings.

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